Neither Villains Nor Victims

“The mental arrow shot from another’s bow is practically harmless, unless our own thought barbs it” (“Miscellaneous Writings” by Mrs. Eddy, pp 223-224). Each and every idea of God is complete, and cannot take from another, cannot vie with, dominate, or be critical of or hate another. No one can find heaven for himself without finding his brother there too. (Ideas from article entitled, “Neither Villains Nor Victims,” by Paul Stark Seeley, CSB)

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“…in this rejoice not…”

Luke 10:20

Shafts of light:
pain banished,
rifts mended,
loss restored,
paths defined.

How soothing to bask in these,
supposing an end

But, Father, let me not stop here
but move onward,
not so much in these flickering beacons

as in what they portend:
Your “Let there be light”
in my own constant, radiant being.

Then only will I see
blend into one endless spectrum
of light.

Joanne Forman Otto
Christian Science Journal, September 1987

“Love, redolent with unselfishness, bathes all in beauty and light.”  Science & Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy, page 516.

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Open our eyes

Open our eyes that we may see

The perfect man without, within

Turn us from shadow to the Truth,

Dispelling sorrow, sickness, sin.

Open our eyes to ageless Life,

To joy and health that cannot cease,

To know the Mind that cares for us,

To thoughts that ever dwell in peace.

Open our eyes to Spirit’s law,

Giving us vision for far and near,

To perfect sight now understood

As Soul’s reflection, strong and clear.

Open our eyes to the present Christ;

Scales of matter and fear will fall

In the refining love of God,

The love of Love, beholding all.

June M.F. Wildeman, The Christian Science Journal, Sept. 1987, p. 30.


Eyes.  Spiritual discernment, — not material but mental.

Jesus said, thinking of the outward vision, “Having eyes, see ye not?”  (Mark viii, 18.)  Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, by Mary Baker Eddy, page 586.


Hymn 66, 4th verse:

Thou, Soul, inspiring–give us vision clear.

Break earth-bound fetters, sweep away the veil,

Show the new heaven and earth that shall prevail.

      Alleluia!  Alleluia!

Hymn #327:

By Him the blind receive their sight,

By Him the fallen rise;

With constant care, His tender love

All human need supplies.


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